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Rave reviews for Contrelle

Scandinavia have been raving about Contrelle for over a decade.

Not only the women whose lives have changed as a result of using it, but the country’s leading gynaecological experts and medical teams who conducted clinical trials to prove its efficacy and fully support its benefits.

“I don’t know
how I managed
without it”

has changed
my life.”

Contrelle About Us Woman Smiling

Recently only available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we have been hearing how Contrelle has changed the lives of generations of women over the age of 18.


UK Welcomes Contrelle -
the quiet revolution

Now available in the UK, our team of eminent medical experts are joined by the UK’s leading gynaecologists supporting Contrelle as the “best friend” you never thought you’d have.

“Being dry again
has helped me

All Day Freshness Bladder Leak Support Sneeze Contrelle
All Day Freshness Bladder Leak Support Jog Contrelle
All Day Freshness Bladder Leak Support Dance Contrelle

“Contrelle has been a godsend.”

“Contrelle lets me do all the
things I want -
I can have a normal life.”

“Contrelle has given me a
new-found confidence, I can
exercise with others now
and that’s much more

Join our quiet
revolution to make
“fear of leaks”
a thing of the past.

Safe, effective and
easy to use.

Read more about
how Contrelle works

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