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Rave reviews for Contrelle

Contrelle Activgard was originally only available in Scandinavia, where women have successfully been using Contrelle for over a decade with approaching seven million devices used. The Contrelle Activgard brand was acquired by Viveca Biomed, a rapidly growing UK independent business, driven by a team who are passionate about female health, and re-launched in 2021.

Viveca Biomed believed Contrelle was such a life-changing product, it shouldn't remain a Scandinavian secret, but should be available to women globally.


                                        “I couldn't believe it- no leaks-not a drop.                                         I just felt complete joy- it was totally liberating... it                                                                  felt truly life-changing”                                                           Natalie Silverman- founder of the Fertility Podcast.


“Contrelle has given me
instant relief from my
Samantha Phillips

Contrelle About Us Woman Smiling

From their manufactoring plant in the northeast of England, Viveca Biomed started distributing Contrelle in the UK and resupplying the Nordic markets. Viveca Biomed now successfully works with partners in over 20 countries. The response from women across the globe has been genuine delight. Contrelle has allowed them to resume activities they'd had to stop or moderate. Keen to understand the impact of bladder leakage further, Viveca Biomed commissioned independent research and used the results to start converstaions in the media about a topic which has historically been taboo.


Making Contrelle available for all -
the quiet revolution

Fully understanding the negative impact of bladder leakage on everyday life, Viveca Biomed was passionate to help as many women as possible. They secured UK drug tariff listing for Contrelle. This means women may now be able to get the Sizing Kit and 30-packs on NHS prescription. And the Contrelle story doesn't stop here. To complement the seven clinical trials,which demonstrate the effectiveness of Contrelle at stopping or reducing bladder leakage, Viveca Biomed is running a major multicentre trial with seven UK hospitals. This will provide further clinical evidence as well as test Contrelle as a solution for other medical conditions.

“When I got back home
I was amazing to find that
I was still dry as a bone- not
even a drop of wee had come through. It was a revelation"
  Dr Aggy York- GP, mum and triathlete, talking about the first time she used Contrelle

All Day Freshness Bladder Leak Support Sneeze Contrelle
All Day Freshness Bladder Leak Support Jog Contrelle
All Day Freshness Bladder Leak Support Dance Contrelle

“My patients find Contrelle simple to use, the sizing kit allows immediate optimal fit, it's made of soft material and the majority of women report being dry with the device in place.” Christine Bird MSc, Women's Health Physiotherapist & Co-founder Menopause Movement

“Contrelle has quite simply
given me the confidence
to exercise withe other people again.”

“It is such a simple
device, which has
been life-changing
for me personally."
Donna, GP

Join our quiet
revolution to make
“fear of leaks”
a thing of the past.

Safe, effective and
easy to use.

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