What is Contrelle?

Contrelle® is a disposable bladder support, designed to help women suffering from bladder leaks due to stress urinary incontinence or exercise related bladder leakage.

Contrelle Activgard is a single-use, disposable device.

It is a winged arch design with concave section, manufactured out of a biocompatible cushion soft foam, providing optimal comfort and support. The design ensures stability when positioned even during strenuous exercise. It comes with a reusable applicator.

Using the applicator, Contrelle is inserted into the vagina, in a similar motion to a tampon.

When in place it works by gently supporting the bladder neck, helping to improve the angle of the bladder, provides gentle pressure on the urethra, and stops bladder mobility. This can provide many women suffering from SUI immediate relief from leakage, whatever their trigger activity is.

Each device should only be used for up to 16 hours and only used once.

For more details on how to insert and remove, please read the Instructions for Use (IFU)

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The benefits of Contrelle

The negative impact of pelvic floor dysfunction on both mental and physical health is well documented. Unfortunately, many women suffer in silence, thinking the only option is to either wear pads (which causes them concerns around leaking and odour) or to have surgery. Our latest research shows over 80% of women who suffer have never discussed their leakage issues with a healthcare professional.

With pressures in the health service, Contrelle can support practitioners allowing women to control their condition at home, with the opportunity in many cases to become dry.

Contrelle should be used as part of a conservative treatment approach, and we always recommend women should continue to do their pelvic floor exercises whilst using Contrelle – an approach recommended in the latest 2022 NICE guideline. To support professional advice, we recommend women should download the NHS approved ‘Squeezy’ app which can support compliance with pelvic floor exercises.

Contrelle can be used independently whilst women are working on their pelvic floor strength, or whilst women are waiting to see a physiotherapist or continence advisor. It offers much needed relief to those who don’t find success with pelvic floor exercises and can be a preferred alternative for women who may have otherwise progressed to costly surgical interventions or injections.

Many women experience challenges in doing pelvic floor exercises, due to lack of cortical neuro connection though may find them easier whilst using Contrelle, due to the light pressure and enhanced feedback.

Results can be immediate and drive an improvement of quality of life.

Women can wear Contrelle® for up to 16 hours, making Contrelle® perfect for daily use or just during key activities, such as exercising. It does not cause compression or obstruction during bladder emptying.

Free Sample To request a free sample of our sizing kit, please email info@contrelle.com

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