Hear what Contrelle
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      what Contrelle users say

“I couldn’t believe it - no leaks – not a drop. I just felt complete joy – it was totally liberating. At last, I was in control again and it felt truly lifechanging.”

Natalie Silverman Founder of the Fertility Podcast talking about her Contrelle use

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"I suffered with bladder leaks for years. As a GP I followed all the NHS recommendations such pelvic floor exercises, cutting out caffine and losing weight. Eventually I just broke down and cried. It was soul-destroying because I knew I was doing everything I should be doing yet it wasn’t having any impact. I then tried Contrelle. To put the device to the test I went for a 9-mile fell run. When I got back home I was amazed to find that I was still dry as a bone – not even a drop of wee had come through. It was a revelation.”

Aggy York, GP Partner

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