Pharmacy: how to order Contrelle

Contrelle comes in three sizes to allow women to find the most effective and comfortable fit.

The Sizing Kit contains all three sizes:




We recommend women start with the sizing kit, using size 1 first. To test the fit, they should wear the device for 30 minutes and trying coughing and jumping. If they experience leakage or the device moves, they should try Size 2. If they still experience significant leakage with size 2 or the device moves, they should try size 3. Contrelle Activard should be easy to insert. A small amount of water-based lubricant should provide added comfort when inserting.

Once the best fit has been established, 30 packs are available.

The Sizing Kit is available on prescription, or £6 RRP.

5 packs are available for retail pharmacy sale (RRP £15), but are not available on prescription. In retail, the 5 pack is a popular choice.

30 Packs are available on prescription for all three sizes, or through retail (RRP £75)

Pack Product Code Quantity PIP code SNOMED Code
Sizing Kit V01SP 3 4232427 41407911000001100
5 pack size 1 V010001P5 5 4232419 Not applicable
5 pack size 2 V010002P5 5 4232369 Not applicable
5 pack size 3 V010003P5 5 4232393 Not applicable
30 pack size 1 V010001P30 30 4232377 41407311000001100
30 pack size 2 V010002P30 30 4232401 41407511000001100
30 pack size 3 V010003P30 30 4232385 41407711000001100

Please email or call our specialists on 0330 229 2161 with any queries or to place an order.

Pharmicists can also order via Alliance, Lexon or Quantum.

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