Talking Taboos: Pelvic Health And Pessaries

Talking Taboos: Pelvic Health And Pessaries

Talking Taboos: Pelvic Health And Pessaries

As part of our September Talking Taboos, we had the pleasure of being joined by Gaynor Morgan @pelvicangel pessary expert and advanced Pfilates trainer.

Gaynor is also vice president of European Women’s Innovator and Inventors Network (EUWIIN) which is part of Global Women’s Innovation and Invention Network (GWIIN) where she advises and speaks at events helping other inventors who are looking to bring products to market.

As an advocate for women who suffer incontinence and pelvic floor problems. Gaynor's objective is to raise awareness about how to deal with pelvic floor issues and to encourage women to seek medical advice through the right channels pertaining to the pelvic floor issue.

In this Talking Taboo session, we spoke about all things women’s health including:

  • What are pessaries
  • How pessaries can help with stress urinary incontinence.
  • How physiotherapy and dietary changes can help some people in supporting their wellness.
  • Contrelle, as a solution to women with stress urinary incontinence, whatever their stage in life.


Should you wish to listen to Gaynor's thoughts and advice a full recording is now available.

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